Monday, June 9, 2014

Yacht Services: Build Positive Momentum In Your Business - Make It Easier To Run

When businesses are easier to run, things go right more often. 

Everyone wins when things go right.  Positive momentum builds and has no limit.  Momentum grows organically as confidence spreads throughout your team.  Team members increasingly believe in their ability to create positive outcomes and are empowered because they see that their contributions matter. 

Your list of loyal customers grows and they tell other like-minded customers to give you a try.

Click here for 10 ways to make your business easier to run.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Yacht Services: 10 Ways to Make Your Business Easier to Run

As the owner of a yacht service company, making your business easier to run should be your first priority.

When a business is unnecessarily hard to run it saps the mental energy of your team, wastes time, and undermines customer loyalty.

Your business can be easier to run when you:

1.       Define your business vision, mission and core values, get your team’s input, modify as agreed, and then lead accordingly

2.       Are consistent and reduce “case by case” decisions

3.       Create customer trust / confidence to achieve extremely loyal customers

4.       Deliberately choose customer segments that fit your expertise and deeply understand the constantly changing needs of customers in each segment

5.       Define products and services in a manner that makes customers into better customers

6.       Get the right team members on board.  Coach existing team members to embrace your vision, mission and core values.  Hire only people who are naturally aligned.

7.       Implement and champion LEAN 5S and Kaizen

8.       Commit to “trusted systems” that provide the information necessary to sell and execute in a manner that demonstrates superior value to customers.

9.       Communicate in a manner that demonstrates to customers that decisions are made in their best interests.

10.   Track the most important Key Performance Indicators

Everyone Wins When Things Go Right

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Look Differently At Your Customers

Are you searching for new ideas to improve your business?  Try looking at your customers in a new way.

From the customer’s point of view, look objectively at the services and experiences you offer in each customer segment.  Evaluate the actual customer experience at every contact point within your organization and with each and every team member.

Do your customers perceive:

                Risk in dealing with your company?

Competent performance of services?

                Superior value received?

                A convenient customer experience?

                Timely and informative communication delivered in their preferred manner?

                Decisions made in their Best Interest?

                Advice based on knowledge of what works, what does not work and future technologies?

Do you want better results?

Purpose:  Review the Vision and Mission for your business to confirm that they are still relevant.  Are the right customer segments being served?  Assess the alignment of your team’s actions.

Focus:  STOP doing anything that distracts from delivering value to your customers and assign your resources to the best customer segments.

Simplify:  Make everything as simple as possible to deliver a consistently convenient customer experience and to make things go right.  LEAN 5S and Kaizen are good working concepts.

Reimagine:  Get a Vision of the type of customer you want and design offerings to attract them.  Engage those customers in a manner that makes them better customers.  “Everyone Wins When Things Go Right”

Fascinate:  Create a customer experience that is uniquely compelling and appealing.

Align and Empower:  Get your team and ecosystem in agreement.  Ensure they have the training, information, processes and tools necessary to consistently deliver your services and customer experience as designed.

Consistency:  Repeatability is essential to building customer trust and confidence as well as improving the performance and satisfaction of your team.

Customers are your company’s greatest asset.  Without profitable customers there is no business.  Creating loyal customers is the path to making your business easier to run, more profitable and more valuable.


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Reduce Your Workload Now and Move Your Business Forward

As the owner of a yacht service company, you are a busy.  It is often difficult for you to carve out the time to make the changes that you know are necessary.

We designed our “Secret Sauce” Program to create the time necessary to tackle the changes that will make your business easier to run, more profitable and more valuable.

“Secret Sauce” is the unique blend of your Purpose, skillset, goals, and personality as expressed by your company’s capability to deliver products and services that transform customers into better customers.

The steps are:

  •     Purpose:                             Renew and clarify: Why are you in business?
  •     Easier to Run:                     Create immediate time savings, simplify and focus
  •     More Profitable:                  Get a better return on your organization’s activity
  •     More Valuable:                   Innovations that transform customers


A clear understanding of your Purpose for your business influences every decision and builds teamwork.  This is often a renewal process or rededication to a prior vision.  It could be an entirely new vision of Purpose.

Easier to Run

Inspire and focus your team with a clear articulation of your Purpose and their contribution.

You will immediately save time by stopping activities that are not consistent with your Purpose.

Get LEAN.  Adoption of LEAN 5S and Kaizen are tools that quickly deliver time savings without investment.  The process starts with an attitude and understanding.

Simplify and focus.

More Profitable

You will start accumulating time savings by renewing your Purpose and making your business easier to run.  You can then use the time savings to generate additional revenue, continuously improve operations, explore the best customer segments, and improve your product and service offerings.

More Valuable

Customers are your most valuable asset.  Team members are extremely valuable, but there is no business without customers.

This step transforms your customers into better customers in your unique “Secret Sauce” way.

Transforming customers requires deliberate innovation.

Loyal customers are easier to serve and more profitable.

A profitable, loyal and growing customer base created by your “Secret Sauce” innovations makes your business more valuable should you want to sell it and easier to run and more profitable while you operate it.

Everyone Wins When Things Go Right

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Win More Sales and Save Time

Truebuild Yachts is today launching its On-Demand Customer Quotation Service for yacht service providers.

The goals of this service are:

  1. Immediately reduce your workload
  2. Win more sales
  3. Save you money
  4. Reliably support your business
The quote format "sells" because it inspires customer trust and demonstrates your competence.

The process is easy for you as we are experienced and use our Truebuild_iT database.

The cost is low.  Just 1/3rd of 1% of the quoted price.  A $15,000 quote costs $49.50.

Give it a try.  It sells.  It is easy.  It is low cost.  It is flexible, use only as needed.


Friday, February 21, 2014

Get Your Time Back

Yacht service company owners are frequently short of time to accomplish things they want to accomplish in their business.

A quick solution is to STOP doing things that are not important to the business.

Define your "Secret Sauce" to create a framework for only serving the right customers in the right way to avoid distractions.

This first step will quickly save time for you and your team.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Make Your Yacht Service Company Easier to Run, More Profitable and More Valuable

What does it mean to make your business easier to run, more profitable and more valuable?

Your yacht service business will be easier to run when:
  1.      Customers are loyal, repeat and refer other like-minded customers
  2.      Your Team is engaged, loyal and skilled
  3.      LEAN thinking in pervasive in the company
  4.      Processes are effective, reliable and repeatable

Your yacht service business will be more profitable when:
  1.      It is creating loyal customers in the right customer segments
  2.      It consistently delivers great value to customers owing to superior execution, see                2,3,&4 above
Your yacht service business will be more valuable when your business has:
  1.      A proven capability to grow the number of loyal customers, as customers are a                    company’s greatest asset
  2.      A leadership position in a growing customer segment(s)
  3.      A company culture of achievement
  4.      A company culture of continuous improvement
  5.      Proven processes that are scalable