Thursday, August 29, 2013

Yacht Service Company Owners - Is Your Business "Secret Sauce" Negatively Affecting Your Customers?

Weak Customer loyalty and low profit margins are a serious problem for many yacht service companies.

Every business has a “Secret Sauce” that affects their Customers, whether it is intentional or not.  Often the actual “Secret Sauce”, as Customer’s perceive company performance, drives Customers to try other service providers or encourages them to bargain for lower prices.

When speaking with yacht service company owners, I define business “Secret Sauce” as the unique blend of their skillset, vision, goals, and personality as expressed by their company’s capability to deliver products and services that can transform Customers into more loyal and more profitable Customers.

Discovering and deploying “Secret Sauce” to transform Customers is a deliberate process, the goal of which is identifying the best Customer segments in which to gain the Customer / Trust and Confidence.   Customer Trust / Confidence is gained by consistently demonstrating Competence and making decisions in the Customer’s Best Interests, as perceived by the Customer.