Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Reduce Your Workload Now and Move Your Business Forward

As the owner of a yacht service company, you are a busy.  It is often difficult for you to carve out the time to make the changes that you know are necessary.

We designed our “Secret Sauce” Program to create the time necessary to tackle the changes that will make your business easier to run, more profitable and more valuable.

“Secret Sauce” is the unique blend of your Purpose, skillset, goals, and personality as expressed by your company’s capability to deliver products and services that transform customers into better customers.

The steps are:

  •     Purpose:                             Renew and clarify: Why are you in business?
  •     Easier to Run:                     Create immediate time savings, simplify and focus
  •     More Profitable:                  Get a better return on your organization’s activity
  •     More Valuable:                   Innovations that transform customers


A clear understanding of your Purpose for your business influences every decision and builds teamwork.  This is often a renewal process or rededication to a prior vision.  It could be an entirely new vision of Purpose.

Easier to Run

Inspire and focus your team with a clear articulation of your Purpose and their contribution.

You will immediately save time by stopping activities that are not consistent with your Purpose.

Get LEAN.  Adoption of LEAN 5S and Kaizen are tools that quickly deliver time savings without investment.  The process starts with an attitude and understanding.

Simplify and focus.

More Profitable

You will start accumulating time savings by renewing your Purpose and making your business easier to run.  You can then use the time savings to generate additional revenue, continuously improve operations, explore the best customer segments, and improve your product and service offerings.

More Valuable

Customers are your most valuable asset.  Team members are extremely valuable, but there is no business without customers.

This step transforms your customers into better customers in your unique “Secret Sauce” way.

Transforming customers requires deliberate innovation.

Loyal customers are easier to serve and more profitable.

A profitable, loyal and growing customer base created by your “Secret Sauce” innovations makes your business more valuable should you want to sell it and easier to run and more profitable while you operate it.

Everyone Wins When Things Go Right

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