Thursday, March 25, 2010

BCVMY40 Design Progresses

Tad Roberts is progressing on the design of the Best Coastal Voyaging Motor Yacht Under 40ft.  This design is based on an open discussion with cruisers in a Truebuild Yachts hosted group at

P375model01 P375model03

Pictured above is the planing hull version intended for a top speed of 17 knots

Please join the group or become a Fan on Facebook if you are interested or would like to participate.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

BCVMY40 – Time to Execute the Project

The group of cruisers discussing the Best Coastal Voyaging Motor Yacht Under 40 ft has agreed there are (at least) two versions of the BCVMY40.  One version has a planing hull capable of 17 knots top speed, the other a displacement hull that would cruise around 7 knots.

The planing hull version has developed the most ardent following to date and is entering the execution phase of costing, sourcing and builder qualification to verify that an exceptional yacht can be realized with radically better value for both the builder and the buyer.

Everyone is welcome in the group discussion.  Join the discussion at

P375deck sketch overlayed on hull

The above sketch from yacht designer, Tad Roberts, depicts the general “rough” concept that has been embraced by the group.  Tad’s willingness to respond to ideas with well thought out images continues to propel the group.

Monday, March 8, 2010

“Free” Yacht Contract Review Promotion to Increase Yacht Value for Buyer and Builder

My previous blog discussed why yacht builders price excessively for the cost of “dealing with buyers”.  

Truebuild Yachts is offering contract reviews to yacht buyers for FREE to illustrate how an effectively crafted yacht purchase and sales agreement can increase value for both the yacht buyer and the yacht builder.

If you are a yacht buyer considering purchasing a new yacht and would like Truebuild Yachts to offer suggestions on the content of your yacht purchase contract please contact for a FREE contract review.

See for additional information of the contract review process.