Friday, February 21, 2014

Get Your Time Back

Yacht service company owners are frequently short of time to accomplish things they want to accomplish in their business.

A quick solution is to STOP doing things that are not important to the business.

Define your "Secret Sauce" to create a framework for only serving the right customers in the right way to avoid distractions.

This first step will quickly save time for you and your team.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Make Your Yacht Service Company Easier to Run, More Profitable and More Valuable

What does it mean to make your business easier to run, more profitable and more valuable?

Your yacht service business will be easier to run when:
  1.      Customers are loyal, repeat and refer other like-minded customers
  2.      Your Team is engaged, loyal and skilled
  3.      LEAN thinking in pervasive in the company
  4.      Processes are effective, reliable and repeatable

Your yacht service business will be more profitable when:
  1.      It is creating loyal customers in the right customer segments
  2.      It consistently delivers great value to customers owing to superior execution, see                2,3,&4 above
Your yacht service business will be more valuable when your business has:
  1.      A proven capability to grow the number of loyal customers, as customers are a                    company’s greatest asset
  2.      A leadership position in a growing customer segment(s)
  3.      A company culture of achievement
  4.      A company culture of continuous improvement
  5.      Proven processes that are scalable