Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Yacht Services: 10 Ways to Make Your Business Easier to Run

As the owner of a yacht service company, making your business easier to run should be your first priority.

When a business is unnecessarily hard to run it saps the mental energy of your team, wastes time, and undermines customer loyalty.

Your business can be easier to run when you:

1.       Define your business vision, mission and core values, get your team’s input, modify as agreed, and then lead accordingly

2.       Are consistent and reduce “case by case” decisions

3.       Create customer trust / confidence to achieve extremely loyal customers

4.       Deliberately choose customer segments that fit your expertise and deeply understand the constantly changing needs of customers in each segment

5.       Define products and services in a manner that makes customers into better customers

6.       Get the right team members on board.  Coach existing team members to embrace your vision, mission and core values.  Hire only people who are naturally aligned.

7.       Implement and champion LEAN 5S and Kaizen

8.       Commit to “trusted systems” that provide the information necessary to sell and execute in a manner that demonstrates superior value to customers.

9.       Communicate in a manner that demonstrates to customers that decisions are made in their best interests.

10.   Track the most important Key Performance Indicators

Everyone Wins When Things Go Right

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